Our Values

  • Integrity
    Integrity means we conduct business in a fair, honest and ethical manner and keep the promises we make to our customers, agents, employees, business partners and communities.

  • Customer-focused and market-driven
    Being customer-focused means we know and understand the products and services the customers in our chosen markets and channels will purchase, then develop, distribute and sell products and services that meet each customer's individual needs. Being market-driven means we concentrate on serving customers in our chosen market.

  • Working together 
    Working together means each of us takes ownership for the work that must be done and willingly works together with others to ensure that everyone uses their unique talents in the achievement of desired results. In working together as a team, we share information freely throughout the company, generate ideas and translate them into actions to deliver the results our customers expect.

  • Results driven
    Results are the end state we desire. Being focused on results means we know how to measure them, and we have strategies to accomplish them. Our efforts bring value when they produce desired results.

  • Continuous Improvement
    Continuous improvement means we relentlessly pursue improvements that benefit our customers and employees.This includes improvements that create higher levels of customer satisfaction and retention, increase efficiencies and reduce costs. The scope of our continuous improvement includes our processes, systems, skills, knowledge and the products and services we develop and deliver to our markets and distribution channels.

  • Profitable and sustainable growth
    Profitable growth is growth that adds value to the company. Sustainable growth that is significant enough in the short term or repeatable in the long term to be worthwhile. This means we constantly seek to grow our customer base and increase our financial strength by offering products and services that meet the needs of our customers while providing lasting profits for the company.

  • Positive Work Environment
    A positive work environment is one that enables people to make the most of their abilities and potential, while balancing their work and family like. It is an environment supported by trust, respect, a sense of fairness and a sincere concern for everyone.


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