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08/23/2017 Identifying Health Insurance Coverage Gaps Many people don't realize that Medicare does NOT cover all medical needs, which creates gaps in health care coverage. To help identify where you might have gaps, it's important to do an annual checkup of your health care and financial needs – since these often change from year to year. 20170823
08/01/2017 Recent flooding in Illinois. Medico will work with you to maintain your coverage with us. We have implemented the following safeguards to ensure you are not adversely affected by this flooding or suffer any unnecessary hardship: 20170801
07/01/2016 Introducing New Dental Insurance Plans Medico Insurance Company now offers additional dental insurance plans. 20160701
02/24/2016 2016 Medicare Copay/Deductibles The 2016 Medicare copay deductible information was recently released. 20160224
05/06/2015 Illinois declared DeKalb and Ogle counties state disaster areas after severe storms and tornados The Governor of Illinois declared DeKalb and Ogle counties state disaster areas after severe storms and tornados affected areas of Rochelle and Fairdale. 20150506
02/18/2015 A.M. Best Upgrades Rating of Medico Insurance Company Medico Insurance Company and Medico Corp Life Insurance Company Ratings 20150218
01/05/2015 2015 Medicare Copay/Deductibles 2015 Medicare Copay/Deductibles 20150105
01/08/2014 Medicare Part D Information Medicare Part D Information 20140108
12/30/2013 Exceptions for Consumers in Disaster Areas - Illinois In accordance with the Illinois Department of Insurance Bulletin 2013-18, Medico will be taking steps to accommodate affect policyholders. 20131230
09/19/2013 Annual Meeting Annual Meeting of the Members, Voting Procedures, How to Request a Ballot. 20130919
06/26/2012 Attention Medicare Select Customers Medico® Insurance Company is now providing your Hospital Network through Medcare Advantage. 20120626